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Hola, welcome, and what up! I’m Solmadrid Vazquez, founder of MMA Somnia.

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And now, without further ado, here’s the 4th thing you can do to help you relax and focus: 

4. Smell the flower and blow out the candle

As you probably already know, breathing deeply helps steady yourself and gets you thinking clearly.

But when we’re in the middle of some emotional hubbub (haha, love that word. Reminds me of hubba bubba bubble gum) we often forget to control our breathe.

A technique that I recently learned from my girlfriend is “Smell the flower, blow out the candle”.

When she first told me about it I thought it was a brilliant visual, but would it really work?

Yes, it does!

I’ve tried it in various situations, including rush hour traffic (who doesn’t get emotional about that?! haha) and it quickly calms me and gets me focused.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Visualize a large flower in front of your face
  • Inhale deeply, imagining that you’re smelling the flower
  • Now visualize a candle in front of your face (the type that doesn’t blow out easily)
  • Exhale deeply, attempting to blow out the candle

Repeat that process several more times, until you become relaxed and focused.

Try it now. And you’ll see what I mean.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.



Did you try it? If not, go do it foolio.

If you did do it, awesome! Bet you’re feeling purdy good right now.

Do this same exercise when you’re frustrated trying to get sponsors, do it in training, do it before a match. Do it everywhere!

Remember: Smell the flower, blow out the candle.

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