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Top 5 Tips To Get Noticed By MMA Sponsors
(as voted by 68 MMA fighters and figures!)

#1 Use social media to create, and connect with, your fan base. – 21 Votes

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to reach their target market. When you have a large fan base that’s engaged with your activities, it provides opportunities for sponsor’s to leverage that engagement by associating themselves with you. Thus, you become more attractive in their eyes.

#2 Put on exciting fights – 21 Votes

When you put on exciting shows, not only do you become a fan favorite, you also become a highlight reel. More exposure means more opportunity!

 Promote yourself – 19 Votes

Many fighters fail at this part, preferring to stay under the radar. But in order to get the attention of sponsor’s, you must work at the art of self-promotion. You don’t need to be a master wordsmith like Chael Sonnen, but you DO need to put yourself out there and provide value.

#4 Have a unique personality/style – 17 Votes

When you have a unique personality, fans that have a similar personality, will feel that you’re just like them. Thus, you gain a legion of loyal followers. When you win, they win, when you lose, they lose. They feel as if you’re tied together which increases engagement and trust.

A unique personality also makes it easy for companies to see how you’ll fit into their plan to reach new customers. Understand that if you don’t stand out, you just blend in.

#5 Develop a good reputation – 13 Votes

This goes without saying. No one wants to do business with someone who has a bad reputation. Companies want to minimize risk, not increase it.

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