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Revealed: A Secret MMA Sponsorship and Contract Negotiation Tip

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

The thought of negotiating sponsorships or fight contracts makes a lot of fighters nervous.

It's something you may worry about every day leading up to the actual negotiations.

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It could even trigger a panic attack for some.

So I'm going to reveal how to quickly get what you want from sponsors and promoters.

And you'll do it without working to convince them.

Get the MMA Sponsorship and Contract You Want By Using "Don't You's"

First of all, please keep this in mind:

The goal should be to create a win-win situation. You both should benefit.

That way both of you will come away happy and stress-free.

Here's the secret tip:

A quick way to get what you want from someone is by using "Don't you's".

You do this by saying "Don't you" at the beginning, or end, of a question.

This triggers the other persons desire to act on the implied expectation.

Here's an example:

  • "You do believe that the exposure you'll get when I promote your business to xxx, is worth $xxx.xx, don't you?"

Combine the "Don't you" technique with the "I don't know" technique found here, for a powerful combo...

For instance:

  • "I know you don't know what level you should sponsor me at at, but if you did know, what level would you choose? The Bronze level? Hmmm, that's a bit low. Don't you think the Silver level is the better choice?

Use "don't you's" any time you want to minimize the stress level of negotiations.

And like the "I don't know" technique from you can even use this on yourself.

  • "I want to control my emotions, don't I?"
  • "Don't I want to work on my cardio today?"

Yes, it really works on yourself too. haha.

Try it and you'll see.

Now go forth brave warrior, and get what's yours!

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