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How to Deal With Life and Businesses That Sponsor Fighters

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

Are you having trouble getting attention from businesses that sponsor fighters?

It may be that certain things in your life are holding you back.

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But I'm about to show you exactly what to do.

Some things are inevitable, just like Sundays.

Sunday comes every week.

This Sunday morning I'll wake up feeling unsure, just like I have for the past 3 years.

On these mornings my girlfriend usually asks "How are you feeling?"

"Nervous" I reply


"Because it's Sunday"

"Ohh, today is "Leg Day"" she says in a hushed tone.

"Yeah, "Leg Day""


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Getting attention from businesses that sponsor fighters

Leading up to "Leg Day" small doubts nag me.

By the time Sunday arrives and I'm standing in front of the squat rack I'm bombarded with negative thoughts and feelings of nervousness.

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"Can I lift the weight? That looks really heavy. Will I end up dumping the bar and humiliating myself? Everyone will hear that crash."

"What if I break form and hurt my back? What if my foots slips? Slips on what? I don't know, it just might slip!"

"Maybe I should stay at the same weight as last week. Maybe I should do less reps. Maybe..."

Then I firmly position myself under the bar and hoist the weight on to my back.

I take two steps backward, breathe deep, and squat below parallel before returning to an upright position.

Rep 1, rep 2, rep 3, and so on until I plow through all reps and sets successfully. This requires my utmost focus and determination.

But wait, how did I go from being wracked by nerves and self-doubt to completing a workout that requires absolute focus?

I did it with a mental process I've named the "7-UP" technique.

You can use the same technique to overcome issues you face and attract businesses that sponsor fighters.

Whether you're...

  • Afraid to contact sponsors
  • Too tired to put in the effort after a long day
  • Overcome with anxiety at the thought contact businesses that sponsor MMA fighters/li>

Or something else completely...

The technique will help you overcome almost any obstacle you face in your quest for heavenly sponsor glory.

Use this process to get attention from businesses that sponsor fighters

Performing the "7-UP" process is very simple and extremely effective.

When you're about to do something that feels overwhelming, imagine a scale going from 1 - 10.

Everything requires a certain amount of energy, mental or physical, to complete.

So imagine 1 is the least amount of energy/focus needed to complete the task.

Imagine 10 is the max level of energy/focus needed to complete the task.

Then take the following steps:

  1. Ask yourself, "What level do I need to be at to do this (the task)?"
  2. Next, ask yourself, "What level am I at right now?"
  3. Lastly, focus on the number you need to reach.

If you are below the level needed, i.e. you feel you're at a 5 and it will take a level 7 to complete the task, raise your energy level to match what's needed.

Do this by visualizing a flow of energy coming up through the ground, into your feet, and upwards throughout your body.

Try to feel this surge inside you. Let it continue to surge higher until you feel your energy/focus is at the required level, or above it.

By doing so your overall focus will increase and it will be be easier to complete the task you're attempting.

Such a task might be putting your sponsorship proposal together, then contacting businesses that sponsor fighters.

Getting back to my squat example, when I step up to the squat rack overcome by doubt I ask myself:

"What level do I need to be at to complete these squats? What level am I currently at?"

My mental reply is usually, "7 - 8 for the first set, 9, for the second, 10 for the third. And I'm at a 4 right now"

At that point I focus on the number 8, which represents the level I need to reach to complete the first set of squats. I concentrate on that and only that.

As weird as it may seem, I then start to feel focused, strong, and I complete the set.

businesses that sponsor - power up

When to use it

Use it every chance you get. Especially when facing difficulty in your dealings with businesses that sponsor.

Say you're at a live fight and you know businesses that sponsor fighter have a rep there that you should talk to, but you're feeling shy or scared...

Ask yourself what level you need to be at to feel comfortable talking to them.

Then ask yourself what level you're currently at.

Finally, focus on the number you need to get to, and envision energy surging upwards through you, lifting you to the level you need.

This exercise may take a few minutes. That's fine. Don't get discouraged if you get distracted.

Just continue to ask yourself those questions and feeling the surge of energy until it's at the level it needs to be.

Then go forth and win over those businesses that sponsor MMA fighters

Want another example?

If you're putting together a sponsorship proposal and don't feel like doing extra research on a company because you're about to go insane in the membrane from staring at the monitor...

Take a step back, breathe, and ask yourself, "Hi self, it's me, yourself. What level do I need to be at to do this extra hour of research?"

Yourself may say, "Level 8"

Or it may say, "Luke, I AM your father!"

At which point you scream at your dad for cutting off your hand and throw yourself into a large metallic pit.


As you can see, it really can be used anywhere.

So go forth my child...retain the use of both hands...and overcome any problems you face in contacting businesses that sponsor fighters!

Before you go though, download the free cheat sheet.

You'll be feeling cool, calm, and collected, knowing that you got this technique in your back pocket to reference any time.

Cool as a cucumber, baby!

Click the image below to get the cheat sheet.

Tell me tell me...

What gives you the most trouble when trying to contact businesses that sponsor MMA fighters? Tell me in the comments section below.

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