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Get Sponsored Faster By Asking 3 Simple Questions

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

Are you a fighter trying to get sponsored?

Are you frustrated because there's too many things to do and too many unanswered questions?

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Well no worries, because you're about to discover how to get sponsored and keep your sanity.

Sometimes it seems like a neverending pile of work..

Do this, do that, do that other thing, and oh yeah, gotta do this too, and this and this and that...

Training, nutrition, learning new techniques, day job, family, friends, school...Arrgggggh!!!

Who the hell has time to get sponsored?!

It's easy to get frustrated with so many things to keep straight.

But does it have to be like this?

Not at all!

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Need Sponsorship Proposal Help? Use This Simple Tip.

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

Need sponsorship proposal help?

Do you keep procrastinating on putting it together?

Well I've got a great tip that makes creating your sponsorship proposal easy.

Here's a little story first...

Four score and seven years ago when I was but a wee 18 year old...

I got a job with a water delivery company and I was ecstatic.

Good pay, good benefits, and ladies love a man in uniform, haha.

Just deliver some water and blast Metallica while driving to the next address.

Nothin' to it, right?!


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Are you having trouble getting attention from businesses that sponsor fighters?

It may be that certain things in your life are holding you back.

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But I'm about to show you exactly what to do.

Some things are inevitable, just like Sundays.

Sunday comes every week.

This Sunday morning I'll wake up feeling unsure, just like I have for the past 3 years.

On these mornings my girlfriend usually asks "How are you feeling?"

"Nervous" I reply


"Because it's Sunday"

"Ohh, today is "Leg Day"" she says in a hushed tone.

"Yeah, "Leg Day""


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