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Speech Help (this template gets you MMA sponsors)

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

Knowing what you should say when an MMA sponsor asks you to tell them about yourself can be tough.

A lot of fighters need speech help but don't know where to start.

In fact, man don't even know they need it!

But speaking in a way that highlight your best points is crucial.

You don't need to go into some lengthy dialog though.

I'm going to give you some speech help. Use what you learn in this article and getting sponsors will be easy peasy.
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How To Get Noticed By MMA Sponsors: 68 Popular Fighters Give Their 3 Best Tips

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

It can be hard for you to get noticed by MMA sponsors.

Obviously, winning is great, but aside from that, what else can you do?

To get a definitive answer, I contacted 68 popular MMA fighters and figures.

I asked each of them:

"Other than winning fights, what are the 3 best things you can do to get noticed by MMA sponsors?"

This roundup is a ton of awesomeness and isn't for the average bear.

After I wrote the article about how to get sponsored, I realized I needed to go further.

I needed to show you how to get attention from sponsors.

So this roundup is for you, my dear friends:

The apex predator Yogi Bears!

Since there are so many names, I created a clickable index in the following section, and sorted it alphabetically.

Which makes it easy for you to jump to your favorite fighter like a quick-draw McGraw, or scroll down and take it all in.

I also added clickable tweets after each fighters' response.

That way you can easily tweet your favorite quotes.

Exclusive Bonus: Get Instant Access to the top 5 ways to get noticed by MMA sponsors, as voted by the 68 fighters in this roundup!

Now then...LET'S DO THIS!
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Wondering How To Get Sponsored? Use This “Firestarter”.

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

Are you wondering how to get sponsored?

Feel like you're running in circles trying to figure this stuff out?

No worries!

I've created a 10 point “Firestarter” checklist that will teach you how to get sponsored fast.

Amateur fighter or pro...

...this step-by-step guide is por joo, mi amigo.

After you have completed all the steps, continually repeat steps 3 – 10. You’re gonna light a fire so bright Katniss will be jealous of you.

Now I'm going to show you how to get sponsored - Let's do this!

Exclusive Bonus: Download this how to get sponsored article as a handy step-by-step checklist, in PDF format, that you can print out and use anywhere.

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Land a Sponsorship: 25 Pro Fighters, Managers, and Coaches Reveal Their Best Tips

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

Do you want to land a sponsorship?

Sponsorship's can make or break you.

The problem is, learning how to land a sponsorship is counter-intuitive.

Being a great fighter is NOT enough.

I’m sure you've seen fighters who land sponsors left and right.

What’s their secret?

How come they can land a sponsorship, seemingly without trying, and you can’t even get one rep to look at you?

What is going on?!

To get to this bottom of this conundrum, I contacted some of the best fighters, managers, and trainers in the game and asked them a simple question:

“What is your #1 tip to land a sponsorship?”

Exclusive Bonus: Download the PDF version of this article for easy daily reading.

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Get Ready For A Fighter Sponsorship With These 6 MMA Drills

by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here.

Getting a fighter sponsorship takes preparation.

And a lot of that preparation takes place inside a gym, obviously.

But what if you're a newbie with dreams of becoming a fighter, getting sponsored, and winning the championship...

...yet don't even have the funds to join a gym?

Well, I've created this HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine just for you.

It will allow you to mimic a basic MMA workout without having to get punched in the face!

Will this make you a fighter? No. But what it will do is get you in shape so when you join a MMA gym you'll easily hang with the drills.

Exclusive Bonus: Download the free infographic that shows you how this workout will help you in 6 additional ways!

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