20 Seconds To Freedom

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Do you ever get anxious or nervous before a fight? Or maybe just before a sparring session? Perhaps something else entirely?

Today I'm going to share a simple way to reduce your frustration or worry.

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Like when your boss says, "We need to talk. Meet me in my office after lunch."

Then you spend half the workday racking your brain, worrying about what he wants to talk about.

Or how about when your girlfriend says it...

"We need to talk"

Aye yai yai.

What a horrible thing to hear, haha.

Or maybe you're just stuck in traffic and you're so frustrated you feel like ramming the driver in front of you, haha

Well, when you feel frustration, anger, or worry do this:

Tell the feeling it has 20 seconds to do its worst.

20 seconds and no more.

After the 20 seconds are complete its time is up and it must leave.

You are allowing 20 seconds for it to fully run its course but not a second more.

By setting a specific time frame you take control.

In sense you're playing a game where you call the emotion's bluff.

By doing this it places you back in control, rather than at the mercy of the emotion.

So when it happens you think to yourself, "I'm not gonna spend my time worrying about this. I'll give it 20 seconds to do its thing, but after that, I'm done with it. I'll get back to what I was doing."

Then start counting at a slow pace. Remember when you counted as a kid and you would draw it out to mess with people, haha.


Do the same thing. Draw it out and have some fun with it.

Playing with it establishes your control.

Like, "Yeah, I'll do what I want WHEN I want. You can't rush me." haha

Do that and you'll take control AND have fun.

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