Firestarter Sponsorship Course – D4U Sponsorship Template

Solmadrid_Sepia_BorderHere’s How To Access The Done-For-You Sponsorship Template

Hola! I’m Solmadrid Vazquez, founder of MMA Somnia.

In addition to the steps below, I just sent you two emails. The first email contains the Done-For-You Template. The second email is a Welcome and Congratulations message.

Over the next 12 days you’re getting free access to the Firestarter Sponsorship Course.

The Firestarter course is jam-packed with insider secrets that sponsors don’t want you to know, simple tips that get you sponsored quick, and more done-for-you templates that get you sponsorship money!

If you didn’t get those emails, please email me at solmadrid@mmasomnia.com to let me know.

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